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Majestic Membership for Android

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How can I get a match?

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Majestic Membership is not recognised

​ ​My app froze during registration

Can't login to my account

App is crashing

I got charged after 7 day free trial

Some of my Facebook photos are not showing up.

Unable to send photos in conversations.

​ ​Messaging and matches are not showing up.

Suspended account

Location doesn't sync

It says "Conversation is not loaded yet"

​ ​I'd like a refund or to cancel a membership.

Nobody is around

I'd like a refund or to cancel a membership.

Updated 3 months ago ​by Feeld Support

If you're having a disappointing experience with us, we want to know — contact us and tell us why.

If you would like to cancel your membership and get a refund, as much as we would like to assist you with this, you'll have to get in touch with Apple. They manage all Feeld memberships through the App Store, which authorizes and manages all charges to your credit card. For more information on how this works, take a look at the Apple guide.

For refunds, please contact Apple.

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