You may have noticed a blurred overlay over one of your photos. 

After some of our competitors were recently removed from the main app stores for explicit content, we were obliged to change our photo guidelines in order to safeguard our community. 

Sexualised images can no longer be shown to strangers in Discover. 

Photos considered too sexy by our nudity bot will be blurred out and you'll be prompted to remove them.

Like humans, bots aren't perfect. If you're simply having tea with your granny in a flesh-coloured leotard and the nudity bot can't handle it, please reach out to our Support Team and we'll fix it for you.

Finally - if this change fills you with rage and despair, please know we're keen to retain the unique character of the Feeld community and we have a few more features up our sleeve to help mitigate the pain of this one.

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