Feeld Cores are areas with high concentrations of members. Now they're also virtual locations where you can connect with humans from around the globe.Β 

There are two different types of Cores: Locations and Virtual Locations.
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If you live in a place where the app is still growing, or you simply want to 'visit' other cities and meet the local humans on Feeld without travelling, you can teleport to one of our Feeld Cores.

This is specially useful if you're planning to visit one of the Core cities and want to meet some people before your travels.Β 

For now, you can travel virtually to these Core cities:

πŸ“ New York
πŸ“ London
πŸ“ SΓ£o Paulo
πŸ“ Los Angeles
πŸ“ Chicago
πŸ“ Paris
πŸ“ Amsterdam
πŸ“ Toronto
πŸ“ San Francisco
πŸ“ Melbourne
πŸ“ Berlin
πŸ“ Singapore
πŸ“ Las Vegas

πŸ“ Portland (US only)

πŸ“ Austin (US only)

πŸ“ Washington DC (US only)

We will expand our Core cities in upcoming versions as our membership grows.
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Virtual Locations

Feeld Cores are not limited to only cities. We're introducing Cores that are not linked to a physical place; they're virtual locations where you can connect with other humans with similar interests or in similar circumstances to yours. We currently have these three Cores, but we may be adding more Cores in the future:

❀️ Staying at Home:
For those who're self-isolating and want to connect with other self-isolating humans from around the world without the need of hand sanitiser.

πŸ’™ Remote Trios:
For humans looking for three-way connections.

πŸ’› Fantasy Bunker:
For those ready to skip the small talk.
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How to travel to a Core

To teleport to one of our Cores:

  1. Go to your Feeld profile (click on the human icon in the bottom right corner).

  2. Scroll down to 'Search Settings' > Feeld Core Location.

  3. Choose your new Core!

If you have any questions or suggestions about Feeld Cores, please contact our Support team by using the chat icon in the lower right-hand corner of this screen. We'll be very happy to help!
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