While Feeld is for everybody and no one has to pay to use it, those who sign up for Majestic help us grow the app bigger and better.


As a Majestic member, you are supporting our development team and enhancing the quality of the Feeld experience.


Majestic members help us stay independent, so we can make decisions based on your experience, not profit.

Premium Features 

The Majestic experience is the full Feeld experience. We are always working on new premium features for you.

Majestic Features

💕 Unlimited Likes

Explore without constraint and like all the humans who caught your eye.

😍 People Who Liked You

Know when someone wants to connect with you.

😎  Incognito 

Hide your profile from Facebook Friends who are also on Feeld, or from Discover if you use email login to protect your privacy.

👀 Last Seen  

Know when someone was last seen on Feeld. 

🔑 Private Photos 

If you're too shy to show your face in Discover, this feature allows you to open up behind an extra layer of privacy. 

🔆 1 free Ping a day

Notify a human you like immediately and increase your chances of connecting.

🔍 Filter by Desires (iOS only)

Narrow down your search even further and see only humans with similar Desires than yours.

👀 Filter by Recently online

See only humans that have been active on Feeld in the past 7 days.


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