You may have trouble pairing if ...

  • One of you is still using an old-style couples account.
  • Both of you sent invite links to each other.

To fix this, first ensure that both profiles are set as Single.

  1. Open Feeld.
  2. Go to Feeld Settings > 'Edit Profile'.
  3. If you see the status 'In a relationship' underneath your profile photo, tap 'Unpair' to convert your profile to Single.

If your profile type is Single but you still can't pair ...

  1. Open Feeld on both devices (yours and your partner's).
  2. Go to your Feeld Profile (it's the human symbol bottom right) and select 'Edit Profile' .
  3. Within both profiles, tap, ' - ' beside 'Invite Pending' to remove it.
  4. Close the Feeld app and reopen it on both devices. You may want to restart both devices too. You can also uninstall and then reinstall Feeld on both devices, as you will not lose any data.
  5. Go back to your profile, tap '+' beside 'Invite your partner', and share the invite link. (❗only one person should perform this step)
  6. Once your partner follows the link and accepts the invitation, your accounts will be paired.

📮 If you try this and you still can't pair, please send the email addresses associated with your and your partner's Feeld profiles to our Support Team and briefly explain what went wrong. To contact Support, tap the message launcher.

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