You may have trouble pairing if one of you is still using an old-style couple account, you are paired to someone else already, or if both of you have sent invitation links to each other.

❗️If you need help with pairing, please ensure any pending pairing links are revoked on both devices before contacting Support, as otherwise this may delay us fixing the issue!

If you have an old-style couple account or one of you is already partnered with someone else, first ensure that both profiles are set as Single:

  1. Open Feeld.

  2. Go to Settings > Edit Profile.

  3. If you see a partner underneath your profile photo, tap Unpair to convert your profile to Single.

If both of your profiles are set as Single but you still can't pair:

  1. Open Feeld on both devices (yours and your partner's).

  2. Go to Settings > Edit Profile.

  3. If one of you has a pending invitation, tap Pair profile with my partner > Revoke magic link in both devices to remove it.

  4. Close the Feeld app and reopen it on both devices. You may want to restart both devices too.

  5. Only on your device, go back to Settings > Edit Profile, tap Pair profile with my partner > Share magic link, and share the invitation link with your partner using one of the options provided.

  6. Once your partner follows the link and accepts the invitation, your accounts will be paired.

❗️Sometimes, your partner will be taken to the App Store after accepting your invitation to pair. We're investigating what's causing this, but the pairing should be successful. Just go back to the Feeld app and double check if the pairing happened.

❗️If you try this and still can't pair, please send us the email addresses associated with your and your partner's Feeld profiles by using the chat icon in the lower right corner of this screen.

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