If you're in a Paired account and you sign up for Majestic, your profile will still be linked to your partner's but the subscription-specific features will only be available to you (i.e. to the the profile that has signed up).

How does Incognito work for paired profiles? 

  • Peanut Butter and Banana have a shared couple account. Peanut Butter has Majestic but Banana doesn't. 

  • This means that the Incognito function will hide Peanut Butter and Banana from all of Peanut Butter's Facebook friends, if Peanut Butter uses Facebook to log in to Feeld, but Banana's Facebook friends might still see Banana.

  • If Peanut Butter and Banana both have Majestic Membership accounts, then Incognito will hide both of them from all their Facebook friends, if Peanut Butter and Banana use Facebook to log in to Feeld.

  • If Peanut Butter has linked their email to their Feeld account, other Feeld users will not see neither Peanut Butter nor Banana in Discover, but Peanut Butter and Banana will be able to see them (unless they too have Incognito on).

We are going to introduce Couple Majestic Memberships in the future. 


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