The safety and security of our community is our absolute priority.

  • We take all your reports seriously: Feeld is a space for those who know how to treat others with respect. 

  • We endeavour to remove fake users from the platform as quickly as possible. Should you have a troubling encounter on the app, the guidelines below can help you respond safely.

  • If law enforcement becomes involved in the investigation of an incident, we will always cooperate fully

Offensive Behaviour

If you come across a suspicious profile - or worse, somebody outright offensive - please take screenshots of their profile and the offensive comments (if possible) and contact Support with the details.

Stolen Online Identity/Images

If you have reason to believe that your identity, or images of you, are being used without your permission, please contact Support with as much information as possible. We will need to locate the fake profile, so the images used as well as the offender's username, age, location, and 'about' are all very useful in helping us put an end to this malicious activity.

Harmful Threats

If you encounter anyone who is posing a threat to you or to others, please contact Support with the identifying details (screenshots, username, age, location, 'about') of the profile in question so we can block the offender from Feeld. If criminal activity has occurred, we strongly encourage you to report any incidents to law enforcement in your area. 

Self-harm/Suicidal Ideation

If you interact with someone who expresses a wish to self-harm, we recommend that you urge this person to reach out to a suicide helpline, or seek help in their vicinity. If the desire to self-harm is expressed publicly on the person's profile, please notify our Support team and include identifying details.

Offensive or Criminal Off-line Behaviour

If you have been the victim of sexual assault or harassment, we encourage you to contact law enforcement in your area immediately. We also advise you to reach out to our Support team with identifying details of the offender and a description of the incident: we have zero tolerance from this behaviour and will remove perpetrators from our community as soon as we can identify them.

For more information, please take a look at our Safety Tips & Community Manifesto.

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