If you're a legitimate user and you've been blocked, it's most likely because you're coming across as fake, misleading or dangerous for any of the following reasons:

  • Insufficient or low-quality photos.
  • Photos explicitly showing genitalia.
  • No photos featuring your face.
  • Photos that feature children. 
  • Blank profile description.
  • Your 'About' refers to third-party websites and apps (e.g. KIK).
  • Your 'About' is soliciting money for sex.
  • Your 'About' contains rude, racist and/or sexist comments.
  • You are a couple using a single profile.
  • You may also have been blocked following a specific report of behaviour that contradicts our Feeld Values

📮 If you think you've been blocked unjustly, Contact Support directly by tapping the Messaging Launcher in right-hand corner. Please ensure you send us either your Feeld ID or the email address you log in with so we can locate your account. We'll verify the reason for the block and restore your access, if justified.

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