One of the most important decisions our members need to make when creating a Feeld account is what to put in their profile photo gallery.

Your choice of photos will affect the first impression you make, and while your profile description is important, it only takes a tenth of a second to make an impression on someone who is looking at your photos, so you really want to use that time wisely to present yourself in your photos as an attractive and trustworthy human and to make more authentic Connections.

We know that sometimes this isn't easy: we want to present ourselves in the best light, and for some of us our privacy is paramount. To help you balance this in the best way, we've put together the following guide, using some data from research and feedback from our members.

The short version

DON'T - we can't accept these photos on profiles:

  1. Don't post nudity, lingerie, or other sexualised body parts, even if they're covered. No sex acts, even if simulated!
    ๐Ÿ‘ You can share more saucy photos with your Connections through messages, but only after you've received enthusiastic consent. Don't start a conversation with a nude!

  2. Don't upload photos of kids, even if you're in the photo with them.

  3. Don't upload anything illegal or questionable.

AVOID - we recommend avoiding these things when uploading photos to your profile in order to make more Connections:

  1. Avoid using mirror selfies.

  2. Avoid group shots.

  3. Avoid shirtless photos.

DO - we recommend doing these things to maximise the impact of your profile:

  1. Show your face, if you feel comfortable doing so.

  2. Upload recent photos of yourself.

  3. Show the activities you enjoy doing

  4. Confidence in yourself is sexy.

  5. Use high-quality photos, taken with good light.

  6. Profiles with more than 3 photos get more Likes.

What we recommend

  1. Show your face, if you're comfortable doing so. We understand that not all our members are comfortable showing their identity for personal or work reasons (and that's why we ask you for an Imaginary name, and let you upload Private photos), but sharing a clear photo of your face with your eyes visible will make you look more trustworthy, and may help you attract more humans, which in turn may translate into more Connections. Mix it up with at least one full body photo of yourself for best results.

  2. Upload recent photos of yourself. You may think that your college photos are sexier than more recent ones, but they probably don't reflect the life experiences that make you more interesting. Confidence, experience and wisdom are sexy, and presenting the current version of yourself will result in more authentic connections. Moreover, if your profile pictures seem a bit too different to the in-person you, this can cause confusion and mistrust โ€” not a good start to any date!

  3. Don't use mirror selfies. People are less likely to like your profile if your main photo is a mirror selfie (and even less likely if you ONLY upload mirror selfies). Studies have found that when people upload selfies to social network profiles, others may regard them as less trustworthy, less socially attractive, less open to new experiences, and more narcissistic than people with other kinds of pictures.

  4. Avoid group shots. Why make other humans guess who you are in a group photo, when you can use this prime location to showcase you and you alone? If the people in the photos are partners or friends you play with, this may not apply, but make sure everyone in the photo has consented to appearing on your profile.

  5. Avoid uploading shirtless photos. Particularly, if you're a man: it's been scientifically proven that men get 25% less attention when they upload shirtless photos of themselves to dating apps. Other humans may be interested in seeing your style, and they may think you're immature if you're topless in all your profile photos.

    Faceless, shirtless torsos are a no-no. While this might be a popular pose, humans don't tend to feel attracted to headless torsos. If you're compelled to upload a topless photo of yourself, at least show your face. On top of these pictures not being very effective, weโ€™re bound by App Store and Google Play Store guidelines in some awkward ways. For example, women's topless pictures are sadly not allowed, and any topless photos that are deemed to be "sexualised" fall foul of other rules. The best way to show your body off is by uploading pictures of sports participation, outdoors.

  6. Instead, show the activities you enjoy doing. Give other humans a good look of the things that make you smile in your spare time. Your hobbies can be a great icebreaker, and it's a good way to meet humans to share those activities with. Moreover, if you don't want to show your face, this is a good way of giving a little insight into your personality and interests. Of course, be creative: gym selfies or holiday pictures from Pisa won't necessarily help you stand out, and having a drink in your hand may even lower your chances. Not that we think anybody on Feeld is unexciting, but it's possible for these images to be a bit too generic, and that your Connections may have seen similar photos before.

  7. Confidence in yourself is sexy. We mentioned it earlier, but we'll say it again: you don't have to be the hottest human around to make Connections. Attractiveness is more than just how you look, and the best profiles showcase a sparkling personality too, by not taking themselves too seriously. Show other members what makes your fun and life exciting. Share photos that make you feel good about yourself. Showcase the parts of yourself that you love the most, be that your smile, or your eyes โ€“ but never your private parts, even if they're covered (and even though they're amazing), and give people good excuses to ask about who you are. You can build trust with other humans even before you connect with them by presenting yourself in an open, welcoming and non-threatening way.

  8. Use high-quality photos, taken with good light. A high-quality photo of yourself taken during the "Golden Hour" (just after sunrise, or right before sunset) will let you take advantage of the warm colour of the low sun, enhance the colours of the photo and, in turn, make you look better. Photographers and cinematographers swear by the Golden Hour as the time of the day with the best light, and for good reason!

  9. Profiles with more than 3 photos get more Likes. A little obvious, maybe, but more is more on Feeld!

  10. If you feel comfortable doing so, let someone else choose your profile photos. Your face is familiar to you, and you might miss flattering details of yourself in some photos that other humans may find very attractive.

What we can't accept

We've also included a list of photos that we can't allow on profiles below. Feeld is a sex-positive app and we want our community to explore their sexuality safely and openly, but we are constrained by laws and rules that limit the type of images that can be shared publicly on apps like ours. If we did not comply with these rules, our app could be banned from online stores.

We have a duty of care for our community, and our some of our rules may be more restrictive than what other apps allow because these make sense in the context of our community. Conversely, we may allow (or even encourage) some types of photos that may not be allowed in other apps โ€” for example, we allow profiles to operate without a face picture, for privacy. Bear in mind that you may be used to other apps, but their rules may not apply to our space.

  1. No photos of other humans, including celebrities or politicians (unless, of course, you're the person in the photo). Pretending you're someone else (catfishing) is strictly forbidden and will get you banned permanently from Feeld. If you upload a photo of yourself with others, like your partner(s) or friends, be sure to get their consent first.

  2. No photos of kids, even if you're in the photo with them. You may love your kids, and want other people to know what an enthusiastic parent you are, but you can mention this in your 'About'. We're a pioneering sex app for consenting adults, which makes us great for a lot of things, but not the sharing of family photos.

  3. Strictly no nudity, lingerie, briefs or jocks, close-ups of bulges, breasts, butts, or other sexualised body parts, even if they're covered. Applying filters to forbidden photos to bypass our detection tools will also get your account blocked. The App Store and Google Play Store do not tolerate nudity, highly sexualised images, or images that objectify a part of the human body. It really bums us out to restrict your expression, and we wish the people who make the rules felt as open and liberated as our community does, but we need to abide by their rules if we want to continue offering our app to the community.

    We can't allow strategically angled or cropped nudes, or photos where you're visibly naked either, even if your genitals, buttocks or breasts aren't exposed.

    You can share more saucy photos with your Connections through messages, but only when you receive enthusiastic consent. Don't start a conversation with a nude!

  4. Likewise, no photos, images, cartoons, illustrations or other artwork of sex acts, real or simulated. If you're posing next to a classical sculpture or famous painting, and the artwork is not the focus of the photo, that's acceptable. Unfortunately, sex toys, fetish gear and ropes and rope play aren't allowed.

  5. No photos of guns, weapons or illegal drugs. Feeld is a safe space, and guns and illegal drugs are not welcome here, as they may make some of our members feel uncomfortable.

  6. No self-harm, blood (or other bodily fluids), violence against other humans or animals, or any images, symbols or statements that are racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic or in any way bigoted, offensive and/or discriminatory.

  7. No solicitation, advertisement, or promotion of any kind. We appreciate that OnlyFans is big right now, and we're absolutely pro sex work, but we're not able to host any kind of promotional material on Feeld. This includes advertising any business or event on the platform. The only exception to this rule are official partners of Feeld, who need to abide by our Community Guidelines and remaining Photo Guidelines.

This is not a comprehensive list of content that we don't allow, and we reserve the right to take down other photos that we consider inappropriate or forbidden. Please note that uploading prohibited content may result in a temporary or permanent block from Feeld.

โ—๏ธFor more detailed information, please see More details regarding prohibited profile content

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