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I was charged before the trial ended
I was charged before the trial ended
I was charged during the free trial period.
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We no longer offer a free trial, but you may still see the option until these changes reach everyone.

If payment for your Majestic subscription is taken during the free trial period, it could be for different reasons:


The billing for Majestic Membership is Android is managed by the Google Play Store, and they sometimes reserve payment while still in the free trial period. Google does this to make sure the card you use is valid, and to check that you have enough funds in your account to make the purchase. However, this is just an authorisation. You are not actually charged until the 7-day trial window has elapsed. If you've checked your bank statement and still think you've been charged erroneously, we advise you to contact Google Play Support within 48 hours.

❗️If you don't intend to keep your subscription, you can cancel early to prevent this from happening.

iOS and Android:

The free trial is linked to your Apple ID (on iOS) or Google Play account (on Android), and it's a one-time offer. If you had used the trial on a different Feeld account linked to the same Apple ID or Google Play account, you may see the offer, but it won't apply to you. You will see a confirmation screen with any charge that may apply to you, and you won't be charged unless you confirm the purchase.

❗️We cannot process refunds for App Store (iOS) purchases, as the App Store is the only entity that can issue refunds for any of its apps, including Feeld. For more information about refunds on iOS and Android, visit this article.


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