If you receive this error message while attempting to login:

... it's likely because:

  •  You're logged into two Facebook profiles simultaneously (for instance, in the Facebook app and also within a browser).

    🔨If this is the case, follow the instructions here:

  • The other possibility is that your settings need to be fixed. 🔨These steps should help:
  1. Ensure that you have at least one Facebook image with the visibility settings set to 'public'.
  2. Download the latest version of Feeld direct from the App Store / Google Play, and try logging in again.
  3. If you've done this but you still receive the same error, please open your Facebook account on a computer browser window, go to Facebook Settings > Apps & Websites > Feeld, and tap 'Remove app' at the bottom of the pop-up. Then re-install Feeld on your device and try logging in.

And, finally, if none of the above works try these steps:

  1. Open device settings, scroll down and select 'Safari'.
  2. Select 'Clear History & Website Data'.
  3. Try logging back in to Feeld!

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