If your Feeld profile is linked to the wrong Google account, here's what you can try:

  1. Uninstall the Feeld app from your device (the beta version too, if you have it).

  2. Go to the 'Accounts' section of your device Settings.

  3. Click on 'Add Account' and then choose 'Google'.

  4. Sign into your preferred Google account. 

  5. From your computer, open a new browser window (Chrome or Firefox) and navigate to the Google Play Store.

  6. Search for Feeld and click 'Install'.

  7. Log in with your preferred account (to avoid confusion between accounts, make sure it's the only one you're logged into at that time).

  8. Choose your device from the drop-down menu and select 'Install'. (Feeld should download momentarily. If not, trigger download by opening the Play Store on your device.)

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