We believe in simplicity, and our algorithm is fairly straightforward. We're not fond of advanced algorithms that track your every move and manipulate results.

The profiles you see in Discover are those that match your search criteria (i.e. location, age, gender, couple status).

More useful info:

  • Our algorithm does factor in a little wiggle room. For instance, you may see someone whose age is one year above or below your stated search criteria. 
  • With our current UI, people using your area's Feeld core are shown as 2 km away. We understand that this can be confusing, and we are working on improving how this comes across for future updates. 
  • Sexual orientation is not currently part of the Feeld search algorithm, but we are planning to introduce a search filter for it. Right now, if you have a MF paired profile and your search settings are for single men, your profile will be shown to single men looking for MF couples. It works both ways. 


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