Are people seeing my profile?
What to do when you're not sure if your profile is visible.
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If you don't have Incognito on, your profile should be visible to anyone using search criteria that match your profile.

If you're not receiving Likes and believe your profile may not be visible, this is what you can do:

  • Check if you have Incognito on. Incognito helps you preserve your privacy, but it will show your profile to fewer humans (if any at all), unless you like them first. Having Incognito on also means that other members with Incognito on will never see you. If you're happy to be seen by more people, you can turn Incognito off. To understand how Incognito works, you can read this article.

  • Check if your profile is hidden from Discover. If your profile is hidden from Discover, no one will see your profile in Discover, but you won't see anyone either. Enable Show me on Feeld to see people around you.

  • Give it a minute. Not all Feeld members use the app every day, and people around you may not have seen your profile yet, particularly if you have created your account recently. Allow a few days for people to see and like your profile.

❗️If these steps don't help, please reach out to our Support team by using the chat icon in the lower right corner of this screen.


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