If you haven't made any Connections yet, don't worry! It's likely due to the following reasons:

You've accidentally Hidden your profile from Discover. 

Open the app, go to your profile, and check that 'Show me on Feeld' is turned on in Edit Profile.

Your age, gender, partner information or sexuality are wrong.

This means you're not being seen by the same people you're seeing, or else the obvious discrepancies are putting off potential Connections, who might think you're fake or hiding something. You can fix these yourself, or contact Support for help.

Your profile is empty or nondescript.

 People look for sexual compatibility when Connecting on Feeld. If you leave your 'About' blank or else vague (looking for 'fun' or 'adventure' isn't much of a clue!), you're less likely to attract interest.

You haven't liked enough people yet.

 Make sure you're hitting the (+) on profiles you like. The more people you're into, the more chances you give yourself to Connect. 


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