I'm not making any Connections
What to do if you're not meeting people at Feeld.
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You have created your Feeld profile and liked a few people already, but you haven't made any Connections yet. Now what?

If you're not making Connections, it's likely due to one of the following reasons:

Other humans haven't seen you yet.

Not all Feeld members use the app every day, and people around you may not have seen your profile yet, particularly if you have created your account recently. Allow a few days for people to see and like your profile.

You have accidentally hidden your profile from Discover.

If your profile is hidden from Discover, no one will see your profile in Discover. Enable Show me on Feeld to see people around you.

You may have Incognito on.

Incognito helps you preserve your privacy, but it will show your profile to fewer humans (if any at all), unless you like them first. Having Incognito on also means that other members with Incognito on will never see you. If you're happy to be seen by more people, you can turn Incognito off. To understand how Incognito works, you can read this article.

Your age, gender, couple status or sexuality don't match your photos (or the rest of your profile).

These discrepancies may cause your profile to be shown to people that are not necessarily interested in you, or the obvious discrepancies may be putting off potential Connections who might think you're fake or hiding something. You can edit your profile yourself in most cases, or contact Support for help.

Your profile is empty or it doesn't describe you.

People look for sexual compatibility when Connecting on Feeld. If you leave your About blank or show a vague description (looking for 'fun' or 'adventure' isn't much of a clue!), or if you don't show photos of yourself, you're less likely to attract interest. Here you can find some tips to make your profile stand out.

You haven't liked enough people yet.

Make sure you're hitting Like (+) on the profiles that you're interested in. The more people you like, the more chances you'll have to connect with other humans. If you're not a Majestic member, you can like up to 50 profiles on a 24-hour period.

❗️If you still don't make any , please reach out to our Support team by using the chat icon in the lower right corner of this screen.

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