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Why can't I tap to view my Connection's partner?
Why can't I tap to view my Connection's partner?
This happens when your Connection uses an old-style couple account.
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In a nutshell, if you see someone you like but can't tap on their partner, it's because they have an old-style couple account.

In the past, we allowed couples to share a unique Feeld profile. We have phased couple profiles out, and most couples now use Paired profiles, which means that each member operates a unique account, and that these accounts are linked. However, some couples who created old-style couple profiles when it was still possible to do so still use them.

You should be able to tap on your Connection's partner if they use a Paired profile. If they use an old-style couple account, this is not possible, but as both members use one account, these accounts often have photos and details of both members of a couple.

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