How can I see more people?
I cannot see new people in Discover.
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Feeld is a dynamic community, but outside of major global cities, it can be a small one.

We're now focusing on growing our Community more than ever, and we hope that soon your Discover feed will be flooded with sexy new pals. Until then, thank you for being part of the vanguard in your area!

If you don't see new people in your Discover feed, or if you have liked or disliked everyone available, there are a few things you can do:

Quality over quantity

You might not make loads of Connections right away, but the ones you do make will likely be as open to chatting as you are. Play the long game, and check in now and then.

Use our Cores feature

Feeld Cores are a free way to teleport your profile to a selection of major cities with high concentrations of Feeld members. We've also added a selection of virtual locations where you can connect with other humans with similar interests or in similar circumstances to yours.

Whether you have an upcoming trip, you're into virtual play, or you like making friends with faraway kinksters, Cores are a great way to meet other Feelders.

Adjust your Search settings

It may be that there are not many humans that match your search settings in your area. Increasing the Maximum distance or Age range, adding different genders or couples to your search, or making sure that you don't have the Desires or Recently online filters on could help you see more humans in your Discover feed.

❗️If you're still not seeing new people and you believe there could be something wrong, please contact our Support team by tapping the messenger icon in the bottom right of this screen.

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