Feeld is a dynamic community, but outside of major global cities, it can be a small one. We're now focusing on growth more than ever, so we hope that soon your feed will be flooded with sexy new pals. Until then, thank you for being part of the vanguard in your area, and here are some tips for making the most of Feeld:

1.) Quality over quantity. You might not make loads of Connections right away, but the ones you do make will often be as open to chatting as you are. Play the long game, and check in now and then.

2.) Use our Cores feature! Feeld Cores are a free way to teleport your profile to a selection of major cities. Whether you have a trip upcoming, you're into virtual play, or you like making friends with faraway kinksters, Cores are a great way to meet other Feelders. 

3.) Invite your crush. If you're hoping to see someone from real life on Feeld, hope no more: send them an anonymous invite instead!

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