If you have created or linked a Feeld account using your email address, you can log in by confirming you're 18 or over, choosing Email after the the welcome screen, and typing your email address. You will then receive a magic link by email that will take you to your Feeld account when you open if from the same device you use Feeld from:

However, if you are asked to provide your phone number for verification, and go through other registration steps, you may be creating a new account instead.

If that happens, please make sure you're using the same email address you used to create your Feeld account.

This also happens if you have created your account using Facebook and you're trying to log in using your email, or if you're logged in to a different Facebook account.

If you created your account using Facebook, you'll need to log in using the same Facebook account you used to create your Feeld account and then link it to your email address before being able to log in using your email.

📮If you cannot remember what email address or Facebook account you used, please contact our Support team by using the chat icon in the lower right-hand corner of this screen. Sharing your phone number with us will help us find your account quicker.

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