We've changed our chat platform, because our previous chat solution did not offer you a smooth and reliable experience. That said, we have identified some bugs in the 5.5.0 Update that are affecting some of you.

We have recently released the Update 5.5.5 that fixes the following issues:

  • We fixed an issue where a member leaves a chat, they see a notification saying that they have left.
  • Tapping on an abandoned connection doesn't show an error message anymore, but dismisses the notification (fixed in 5.5.4).
  • We fixed an issue where not all New Connections would load correctly (fixed in 5.5.3).
  • We fixed an issue where the Majestic Purchase screen crashed if you had already had a trial in the past (fixed in 5.5.3).
  • We added a 'Mark all as read' button that can be prompted when tapping the orange notification of new messages inside the Connections screen (fixed in 5.5.2).
  • Some of our members with a lot of Connections could only see 15 Connections. They should now be able to see all their new Connections (fixed in 5.5.2).
  • We fixed an issue with opening invitations to Pair accounts (fixed in 5.5.1).
  • We eliminated a bug with Discover appearing as plain white immediately after opening the app (fixed in 5.5.1).
  • We resolved an issue with displaying photos in Edit Profile (fixed in 5.5.1).

Please update your Feeld app through the App Store or Google Play.

The bugs that we have identified and have not been fixed yet are:

  • Some of our members are seeing active chats in their New Connections section (the top row in the Connections screen).
  • Some of our members have the messages they sent don't appear as 'Seen' even when the recipient has read it.

In addition to this:

  • Some of our members are having trouble logging in to their accounts. After tapping the magic link they receive by email, they are taken to the app again but they're not logged in.
  • Some of our members are having issues pairing their account with their partner's. Here you can find troubleshooting steps for this issue.
  • Some members are still seeing all their chats as unread. Here you can find how to mark all messages as read.

Our team is working hard to fix these issues, and we hope to have an update out soon.

In the meantime, deleting and reinstalling the app might fix some of the issues you may be having, such as login issues, missing connections and chats.

❗️Deleting and reinstalling Feeld will not delete your profile, messages or Connections, as they're stored in our servers. You may have to set your Search distance radius and the System of measurement (if you normally have set it to miles) again, however.

If you are seeing active chats in your New Connections section, you should be able to chat with these Connections as you normally do. We understand this is not ideal, and we're working to fix this issue, too.

If you are experiencing any other issues, please send us an email to [email protected] or by clicking the chat button you will find in the bottom-right corner of this page. Please include as many details as you can, such as screenshots or screen recordings of the issue, operating system of your device and email you've used to register to Feeld. Our team will be happy to help!

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