We'll send you a magic link every time you log in to your account too, if you log in with your email address.

  • Check your Spam folder on your email app. Emails from us can go to that folder sometimes, so it's important to check the Spam or junk mail folder on your email app, and make sure your email app is not filtering our emails. If you use Hotmail/Outlook, check the Junk Mail folder on a computer, as the phone app may not show all spam emails.

  • Make sure that your inbox is not full. A full or near-full inbox may cause new messages to bounce. If your inbox is full or near full, considering deleting older emails.

  • Make sure that you have spelled your email correctly. Check that the domain (@gmail.com, @live.co.uk, etc.) is the right one, especially if you have many similar email addresses with different providers.

❗️If you've done all the above and if there's no luck, please reach out to our Support team by using the chat icon in the lower right corner of this screen.

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