If you use Feeld on an iPhone or iPad, you can use Sign in with Apple to log in.

You'll need an Apple device running iOS or iPadOS 13 or later and have Two-factor authentication for Apple ID enabled.
Here's how you can use Sign in with Apple with your Feeld account:

  1. Open Feeld > go to 'Feeld Settings' > select 'App Settings'.

  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and select 'Sign in with Apple'.

  3. Choose if you want to Share your email linked to your Apple ID with Feeld or if you'd prefer to hide it from us.

  4. Tap 'Continue'.

If your Apple ID and Feeld account share the same email address, you can also link your Feeld account to Sign in with Apple by choosing this option when logging in to Feeld. You'll have to choose 'Share your email'; if you hide your email from Feeld, a new account will be created.

To manage or unlink Sign in with Apple:

  1. Open the Settings app, then tap [your name].

  2. Tap 'Password & Security'.

  3. Tap 'Apps Using Your Apple ID'.

  4. Tap Feeld: For Couples & Singles.

❗️Apple provides more information about how to manage Sign in with Apple in this article.


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