If you've purchased Pings but they don't appear in your account:

Sometimes it can take a little while for Pings to be applied to an account, as our servers may be processing other requests. It's best to wait a while to see if your Pings arrive before taking further action.

If it's been a while, and your purchase still has not registered on your account, you may be able to retrigger the award:

  1. Go to Settings > Pings > select the amount you bought > tap Continue, but stop before confirming on the purchase screen. Do not re-buy them.

  2. If you had an unfinished purchase, you may see a confirmation message instead of seeing again the purchase screen, or the Pings will be added after a few minutes.

❗️If you see a screen prompting you to confirm a new purchase, cancel and do not re-buy the Pings. Please send us a screenshot of the email receipt using the chat icon in the lower right corner of this screen and we'll manually add them for you.

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