How do I send short videos?
Record and send short videos to your Connections.
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If you're a Majestic Member, you can send short videos in your chats.

Anyone on a chat with you will be able to see your videos and reply to them, whether they're Majestic or not. You can choose if you want your videos to be disappear after being played once, or if you want them to be replayable!

To send a short video

  1. From a chat, tap the + button.

  2. Tap Send a video

  3. Tap and hold Record to record up to 15 seconds videos. You can also tap Record once and tap again to stop recording.

  4. Tap Send.

You can tap Flip to use a different camera if your phone has a front and back camera, or the Sound button at the top-right corner to mute or unmute your video.

Tap Replayable if you don't want the video to disappear after being played one time. If you change your mind, tap the button again and the video will disappear after being played once. If you're not happy with the video, you can tap Retake to record a new one.

For now, you can only record new videos. It's not possible to send prerecorded videos from your phone gallery, but this is something that we'll add in the future.

❗️This feature is currently in beta and only certain members have access to it. If you want to try this feature or share your feedback, please contact our Support team by tapping the the messenger icon bottom right of this screen.

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