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What is the difference between Pings and Likes?
What is the difference between Pings and Likes?
Likes and Pings explained.
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When you come across a profile in Discover, you can either like, dislike, skip it by swiping, or send a Ping to the Feeld member.

Pings are a new feature that are more powerful than Likes, and you can buy them in packs.

Likes and Pings differ in important ways:


  • Likes are free.

  • Likes are limited to 40 per 24hrs for non-Majestic members. Majestic members are able to like an unlimited number of profiles per day.

  • Unless you’re a Majestic member, you won’t be able to see who’s already liked you until you like them back. If you like a person back, you’ll create a Connection, and be able to chat. Majestic members can see their pending Likes in Who Likes You.


  • Pings require purchase to use, either directly, or via a Majestic membership (Majestic members get one free Ping per day, which doesn’t roll over if unused).

  • Pings are unlimited. You can send as many as you want in a given day.

  • Pings alert members to the fact they’ve been pinged, through notifications and in-app display. This isn’t restricted to Majestic members, so any member can see the Pings they receive and the members who have pinged them.

❗️Using Pings and Likes removes the profile in question from your Discover feed. The Pings you receive are visible in the scrollable bar at the top of your Connections screen, along with the Connections you haven't chatted to yet.

Can I send a Ping to a member I’ve already liked?

Currently, there isn’t a way in the app to see members you’ve already liked. This means there’s currently no way to send a Ping to a member you’ve liked already. We know this can be frustrating, and we may change this in future.

❗️If you have any issues with liking or sending Pings to profiles, please reach out to our Support team by using the chat icon in the lower right corner of this screen.

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