Sometimes, your Connections may ask you to move the conversation to a different app. No hard feelings on our part, but we think there are some things you need to know in order to keep yourself and your data safe.

If possible, keep the conversation on Feeld

We highly recommend our members not to move things to other apps, as some scammers may use them to evade our safety monitoring. Scammers will likely try to move the conversation to a different app almost immediately.

If you move the conversation to Kik, Google Hangouts or Skype, for example, we can no longer hand over all the evidence of any potential incident to the authorities, in case anything happened in the conversation and you reported it to the police. We will still cooperate with the authorities, but you will also have to get the other apps you've used to communicate with the bad actors to cooperate with the authorities.

We recommend that you stay on the Feeld app or move the conversation to more established channels like WhatsApp or Telegram only when you trust the person you're communicating with. Even then, always be mindful when you share personal details such as your real name, phone number, address or any other personal information.

We specifically recommend that you never follow through any payment requests from other members (including gift cards, and payment for hotel bookings or transportation), as these can be attempts at identity theft or financial fraud.

Be careful when adding people to your social media

Do not add people you haven't made a Connection with to social media. Linking to third-party websites and apps, and adding contact information (including phone numbers, Kik, Telegram or Google Hangouts handles) on profiles isn't allowed and we will block any profile that displays these. Moreover, if you add someone you haven't connected with to, for example Snapchat or Kik, it will be harder for us to locate and block the profile should anything happen. While not everyone who adds their Kik handle to their profile is a scammer, scammers are more likely to do it, so why risk it?

Instagram handles are allowed, but be careful if someone you've followed after seeing them on Feeld, but not yet talked to, slides into your DMs. Be mindful with what you share with them if you still don't know them as they might not necessarily have good intentions.

If you encounter a bad actor, report them

We are experimenting with more strategies to target scammers and other bad actors. In the meantime, if you encounter a bad actor, please tap the 'Disconnect' button on the chat and report these profiles (using the reason for disconnection 'Fakes/spam') or contact our Support team. This will help us identify and block these bad actors.

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