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How can I submit a feature request?
How can I submit a feature request?
We really want to hear your thoughts and ideas for our app!
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We're closing our Feature Request boards, but you still can share your suggestions and ideas with us.

When we made the Feature Request boards available, our intention was to allow all our members to help us shape Feeld through sharing their suggestions and comments, and upvote those ideas that other members have shared.

Allowing our members to help us shape Feeld is still very much our intention. However, due to an increase in customer requests, we can't moderate the boards the way we would like to:

  • Unmoderated, Feature Request boards create unrealistic expectations. We cannot build all the ideas that we receive, and if we cannot regularly update all threads, we may be letting down members that share really interesting ideas we cannot implement right away.

  • Some standard members might get the impression that we primarily seek to serve our Majestic members. We want to serve all of our members with improvements and new features, and also provide value to those who choose to support us upgrading to Majestic Membership, but this hasn't always been clearly understood on our Feature Request boards.

  • Feature Requests boards were open to abuse and fostered disharmony. We don't tolerate abuse inside our app, on Feature Request boards, or in any other communications with members or our Support team, but it is particularly difficult to enforce this on our open Feature Requests boards.

For these reasons, we made the decision to close our Feature requests boards from early September. However, while we're looking at other ways to continuously capture your feedback, you still can share it directly with our Support team.

Your input will help us make Feeld better for all our members!

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