Sometimes one or more of your Connections may show in your Chats page as "Deactivated", and you aren't able to send messages to that person.

When a Feeld user deactivates their account, you won't be able to send messages to them unless they reactivate their profile. Ordinarily, these chats are hidden from your chats screen when the member deactivates their account, and the chat reappears if the member reactivates their profile.

However, there is currently a known issue where, in some cases, these chats may not be hidden by the app, and instead remain in your chats list, as shown above. In these cases, to protect your Connection's privacy, the conversation history will not be accessible.

In some cases, if you have yet to begin chatting to them, a deactivated Connection may show in the scrollable bar at the top of the Chats page as a blank roundel. Tapping the Connection shows an error message, as shown below.

Currently, there is no way to clear affected Connections or chats from the Chats page. We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause. We are working on a fix for this at present, and will let affected members know when this has been deployed. Please be reassured that this does not affect any other functionality within the app.

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