Below is a list of some of the content that is prohibited on Feeld profiles. We have a duty of care for our community, and our some of our rules may be more restrictive than what other apps allow because these make sense in the context of our community.

Conversely, we may allow (or even encourage) some types of photos that may not be allowed in other apps — for example, we allow profiles to operate without a face picture, for privacy.

Please note this list is not exhaustive:

  • No photos of other humans, including celebrities or politicians (unless, of course, you're the person in the photo). Pretending to be someone else (catfishing) is strictly forbidden and members who do this may be banned permanently from Feeld. Photos of other members may only be uploaded with the consent of all pictured parties.

    • This prohibition includes photos where members are pictured with celebrities or politicians

    • This includes photos on profiles that clearly state the image is not of the profile owner (this does not matter)

  • No photos of children, even if they are non-sexualised/adult family members are in the photo with them. We're a pioneering sex app for consenting adults, which makes us great for a lot of things, but not the sharing of family photos. All photos showing children in any capacity are forbidden.

    • This includes images of adults cropped or manipulated to give the impression the image may be of a child or a person below the age of 18

  • Strictly no nudity, lingerie, briefs or jocks, close-ups of bulges, breasts, butts, or other sexualised body parts, even if they're covered. Applying filters to forbidden photos to bypass our detection tools is also not permitted.

    • The App Store and Google Play Store do not tolerate nudity, highly sexualised images, or images that objectify a part of the human body. We can't allow strategically angled or cropped nudes, or photos where members are interpretably naked either, even if genitals, buttocks or breasts aren't exposed

      • This nudity prohibition includes liquid latex

      • This includes images that have been digitally altered to obscure nudity, e.g. with stickers, if the nudity is still implied by the image

      • This includes images that have been digitally altered to suggest nudity, e.g. censor bars over underwear, and image bubbling (where circles are used to create an optical illusion and a sense of nudity based on an otherwise clothed image)

      • Examples of objectified features:

        • A close up of any body part that fills the frame (e.g. cleavage, feet)

        • Close up photos of underwear, lingerie or jockstraps

        • Close up photos of bikini or speedos, including in public places, which is otherwise allowed

          • Clearly sexualised photos of this nature are prohibited even if taken in an outdoor setting

        • Any images that could be interpreted as showing sexual acts, including just faces

  • No photos, images, cartoons, illustrations or other artwork of nudity, sex acts (real or simulated) or sexual paraphernalia. Unfortunately, images of sex toys, fetish gear and ropes and rope play aren't allowed.

    • This includes representations of animal sexual activity

    • This includes clothed sexual content, e.g. clothed rope play

    • This includes images of sex toys that are disconnected from human activity, e.g. on a desk or table

    • If you're posing next to a classical sculpture or famous painting, and the artwork is not the focus of the photo, that's probably acceptable. Some guidelines as to whether an image of an artwork is permissible:

      • YES: where work is not the focus of the image, and the style is classical (i.e. highly unlikely to offend owing to this being a part of public consciousness)

      • YES: where the work is clearly publicly displayed

      • NO: where the focal point of the image is the character/sculpture's genitalia/etc.

      • NO: where the work is inherently a sexual artwork

  • No photos of guns, weapons or illegal drugs. Feeld is a safe space, and guns and illegal drugs are not welcome here, as they may make some of our members feel uncomfortable.

    • This includes photos of prop/costume weaponry, even within the context of a recognisable outfit

  • No depictions of self-harm, blood (or other bodily fluids), violence against other humans or animals, or any images, symbols or statements that are racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic or in any way bigoted, offensive and/or discriminatory.

    • This includes non-progressive statements made in image form, for example:

      • "All Lives Matter"

        • "Black Lives Matter"/"BLM" is explicitly permitted on profiles

        • "ACAB" is explicitly permitted on profiles

      • Stereotypically offensive depictions of "native culture" (e.g. loincloths, bone jewellery), even if part of a costume

      • Nazi or SS imagery or swastikas

        • This is not tolerated even as part of a leather fetish-oriented profile

      • Confederate flags

      • Terrorist emblems (e.g ISIS flag)

      • Logos of organisations involved in criminal activity (e.g. outlaw biker gang logos)

      • Non-offensive flags used in an offensive context, e.g. an image of the Union Jack on a profile reported for xenophobic comments

      • Any numerical codes relating to violence or repressive activity (e.g. 1488)

  • No solicitation, advertisement, or promotion of any kind. We're absolutely pro sex work, but we're not able to host any kind of promotional material on Feeld. This includes advertising any business or event on the platform.

    • This includes linking to Instagram where it can be determined that the Instagram page is a stepping stone to a Linktree/OnlyFans page, as this is solicitation-by-workaround. This is an exception to the normal policy, where Instagram handles are allowed on profiles.

  • No photos that are explicitly oriented towards causing offence to others with no other contextual purpose, e.g. an image of someone "flipping the bird"

❗️ If you're concerned about the content of a profile on Feeld, even if it does not fall under this list, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or via the in-app Support widget, and we'll take a look!

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