Feeld stands with the people of Ukraine, their resilience, and everyone protesting against the Russian government’s act of war and aggression against a peaceful nation.

As a Progressive organisation, we have always been committed to making Feeld a space where everyone, of any gender, sexual identity, religion or ethnicity, can feel seen, included and valued, including Russian people and those that are opposed to aggression against Ukraine within Russia.

We have a duty to protect the Safety of those who can speak up against Putin and the Russian government. For this reason, while we understand that some of you cannot remain silent in the face of such terrible attack, we need to set some ground rules:

Our Community Guidelines apply in full.

Feeld is about inclusivity, acceptance, and respect. Attitudes that violate these principles towards anyone in our community – members and the Feeld team alike – will not be tolerated. We know that some people may use humour as a relief from stress, but please understand that this is a difficult and upsetting situation for many people. For this reason, we ask you not to make light of the hardship of the Ukrainian people or innocent Russian people on your profile.

Harassment won’t be tolerated

Harassing other Feeld members is strictly forbidden, and we’re making no exceptions. Do not connect with Russian or Ukrainian Feeld members with the intention of hounding them or demanding that they state their position on the aggression or condemn it. We will block any accounts that connect with other Feeld members to send abuse. We will also block anyone who reports profiles solely because they are written in Cyrillic alphabet, or profiles that don’t breach our guidelines purely based on the assumption of belonging to Russian or Ukrainian members.

Civil disagreement is allowed

We understand that not everyone in Russia may have access to free media at the moment, and that information related to the aggression has been distorted in Russia and beyond. Disagreement is allowed as long as it remains civil. We invite you to disconnect before saying something that can be taken as offensive, as we will block anyone that is, deliberately or not, offensive.

However, pro-Putin, pro-Russian government profiles or profiles that openly support the aggression against Ukraine will be banned

We take a clear stance against the invasion of Ukraine. We have decided not to allow any profiles that are openly pro-Putin, pro-Russian government or that openly support or encourage the ongoing aggression against the Ukrainian people.

We do allow pro-Ukrainian statements on profiles (for example, ‘Слава Україні!’ or ‘Glory to Ukraine!’), as long as they don’t breach any other Community Guidelines.

This is a fluid policy, and we may change it as the situation evolves. Our priority is educating our members when they inadvertently breach our guidelines, but we reserve the right to exclude from Feeld anyone that may threaten our community and its status as a safe space.

We strongly encourage you to check these resources if you want to help:

We’re also exploring how we, as an organisation, can make a difference. You can read some of the steps that we’ve taken in this blog post, which we’ll update regularly.

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