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Getting Uplift

Is Uplift available to basic members?

Yes, Uplift is available to all users provided that they are not Incognito or hidden from Discover.

What can the other users see when you are Uplifted?

There is nothing to show other Feeld members that you are currently Uplifted.

How do I purchase Uplift?

You will find the instructions on how to purchase Uplift here.

How much does Uplift cost?

The price of Uplift varies per country. You can check the price of Uplift in your country by tap the ‘Get Uplift’ button in your Likes tab or the ‘Uplift’ button in your Settings tab without completing the purchase.

I do not see the option to purchase Uplift

If you're not able to purchase Uplift:

If you still can’t purchase Uplift, please contact our Support team using the chat icon in the lower right corner of this screen.

Is there a limit to how frequently I can Uplift?

You can Uplift your profile as many times as you want. You’ll need to wait until your current Uplift period finishes to repurchase, as it’s not currently possible to extend an active Uplift. Make the most of your time being Uplifted by making sure that your profile is complete.

Is there a reoccurring Uplift?

There is currently no mechanism to automatically Uplift you after your current Uplift has ended. Each time your Uplift expires, you will need to manually Uplift yourself again to continue the benefits.

Can I purchase Uplift for later?

No, it’s not currently possible to buy Uplift credits or schedule it for later.

Is Uplift included with Majestic Membership?

No, Uplift is a separate product, and it’s not currently bundled with Majestic Membership.

After purchasing Uplift

Can I cancel Uplift after I have purchased it?

It’s not possible to cancel Uplift once it’s been purchased. If you’d like to request a refund, you can contact Google Play or the App Store (depending on your operating system) by following these steps.

I purchased Uplift but it didn’t activate. What should I do?

If you’ve received a receipt for the purchase from the App Store or Google Play Store, but your 24 hour Uplift countdown doesn’t start, please contact our Support team using the chat icon in the lower right corner of this screen and we’ll help you.

Using Uplift

How much visibility increase does Uplift bring?

In areas with many Feeld members, we estimate Uplift will increase the likes you receive by about seven times. However, this will depend on factors such as how many users are active in your search location — and match your search criteria — while Uplift is running for you. The Uplift duration is set at 24 hours to increase the exposure of your profile to other Feeld members in your area.

If there is a specific human who has caught your eye, you can also increase the chances of them seeing you by sending them a Ping.

I purchased Uplift but I didn’t get any new Connections

While you can expect to receive around seven times more Likes in places with a lot of active Feeld members, we can’t guarantee that you will make a Connection while Uplift is active.

With Uplift, your profile gets seen more frequently than it otherwise would, and if you and another human mutually like each other, you will form a Connection in the usual way.

Majestic members can see who has liked them and make new Connections from the Likes tab.

Complete your profile to make the most out of your time being Uplifted

Who can see me when I purchase Uplift?

Uplift will show your profile to people looking for humans like you. It won’t show you to people who otherwise wouldn’t see you without Uplift. However, Uplift will promote your profile further to the top of the Discover results in your area, increasing your probability of being noticed.

Can I see who has liked me while Uplift is on?

It’s not currently possible to specifically see who has liked you during your Uplift period. In our busiest locations, members with an active Uplift session get around seven times more likes, so you may see a general increase in likes in Who Likes You while Uplift is active.

Can I use Uplift with Incognito on, or if my profile is hidden from Discover?

No. If you or your partner have Incognito on, or if you profile is hidden from Discover, you will not be able to purchase Uplift. This is to ensure you’re not paying for something that won’t provide much value to you.

How do I know that Uplift has worked?

If your purchase goes through successfully, you will see a confirmation screen that your Profile is Uplifted. In the Who Likes You and Settings screens, you will also see how much Uplift time you have remaining.

In areas with many Feeld members, Uplift is expected to increase the likes you receive by seven times. With this added exposure, if you and another human mutually like each other, you will form a Connection in the usual way. Majestic members can see who has liked them and make new Connections from the Who Likes You screen.

How do I know when Uplift runs out?

At the end of the 24 hours, you will see a notification telling you that your Uplift time has finished. You will then be able to purchase Uplift again or use Feeld as normal.

If you have allowed Feeld to send you notifications, you will also receive a notification letting you know that Uplift has ended.

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