We want everyone to have a safe experience at Feeld, without having to worry about their privacy.

While a good deal of screenshots are not taken maliciously, if they fall in the wrong hands, it can result in a breach of privacy. A malicious actor may take a screenshot and share it on other websites and social media without your consent, which would leave you exposed and vulnerable, or even threaten you with sharing it with your friends and family if you don’t agree to pay a ransom.

For this reason, we have introduced Screenshot Protection in all our chats, which will protect the photos you send to other Feeld members from unwanted screenshots.

How does Screenshot Protection work?

On Android:

Screenshot Protection will block screenshots from chats altogether, including any images you’ve sent. Instead, depending on the device and Android version, anyone trying to take a screenshot or screen recording will see either an error message when trying to capture the screen, or taking the screenshot or screen recording will be possible but will only show a black screen.

On iOS:

On iOS, it is possible to take screenshots and screen recordings from a chat. However, Screenshot Protection will hide hide any images that are sent in the chat, but not the messages themselves. A screenshot taken in iOS will look like this:

We can only protect against screenshots from content shared within the Feeld app, so we recommend being careful when sharing your social media presence with your Connections, and when asked to move the conversation to a different app.

How do I activate Screenshot Protection?

If you’re on the latest version of the Feeld app, you don’t need to do anything to activate Screenshot Protection. It will be rolled out to all our members, so you don’t need to worry about updating your settings.

Update now: Android | iOS

Does Screeshot Protection block all content sent through chat?

In Android, Screenshot Protection will block screenshots altogether, but in iOS, Screenshot Protection will only hide any images that are sent in the chat, but not the messages themselves or other content. At the moment, Screenshot Protection does not prevent taking screenshots of short videos sent through the chat.

How do I report abusive messages or images from a Connection?

Up until now, you could take screenshots of any abusive conversation and offending photos or videos. For your safety and that of our team, this is no longer possible. However, we encourage you to report the interaction to our Support team providing as much context as possible. We will be happy to help and take swift action against the offender.

We will continue to improve our reporting options so that you can continue exploring Feeld and connecting with others safely.

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