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How do I add reactions to chat messages?
How do I add reactions to chat messages?
You can like any messages, images, or videos you receive
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Let someone know you’ve received, read or liked their message by adding a 🧡 reaction.

If you want to acknowledge or affirm a message on a chat, but can’t find the right words, now you can react to individual messages, images or videos with a 🧡

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • When you like messages, images or videos, you’ll see an orange heart next to the messages you’ve liked. You will see a grey heart next to any message others in the chat have liked.

  • Others in the chat will be able to see a grey heart next to any messages you’ve liked.

  • It’s currently not possible to see who has specifically liked your messages in group chats.

  • For now, only likes (🧡 reactions) are available.

❗️We’re currently rolling out this feature to Feeld members. If you have the latest version of the Feeld app installed and this feature isn’t available to you yet, it will become available in the coming weeks.

How to like a message

  1. Tap and hold the message, image or video you want to like.

  2. The message you want to like will be highlighted. Tap the heart symbol.

  3. You can also quickly send a like by double-tapping any message.

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