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Can I filter the likes I’ve received?
Can I filter the likes I’ve received?
Majestic Members can sort their Likes by last received, most recently online, and how close they are to them
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The Who Likes You view allows Majestic members to see their incoming Likes. This view can be filtered to show only profiles in a particular order.

❗️We’re currently rolling out this feature to Feeld members. If you have the latest version of the Feeld app installed and this feature isn’t available to you yet, it will become available in the coming weeks.

How to change the sorting order

  1. Tap the heart icon in tab bar to open Who Likes You

  2. Under the number of Likes received, you will see the currently active sorting order

  3. Tap the link to change the sorting order to one of:

    1. Most recent first shows the last Likes you received at the top. This is the default option.

    2. Last online first shows profiles who were most recently active on Feeld at the top.

    3. Closest to me first shows profiles who are nearest to your current location at the top.

❗️You cannot select multiple queue sort options at the same time.

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