The days of "like/dislike" swiping are behind you. We believe attraction is a process and human connection takes longer than a split-second. 

To connect with someone:

  1. View profiles in Discover.
  2. If you like someone and would like to connect with them, press (+) in the bottom lefthand corner.
  3. If this person feels the same, your chat will be created in Connections.
  4. See who has already liked you in Future Connections. Go to Connections → [x] people want to connect and start a conversation with someone you feel. 
  5. Swiping means 'skipping'. When you swipe someone you just 'walk' past them. You will keep seeing them if they are around you until you either tap the (+), if you like them, or the (-), if you would like to remove them from your feed.
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