Our Photo Guidelines are changing.

A cold wind is blowing through the App Store, removing apps featuring explicit content. We love our confident, expressive community, but we're now obliged to limit just how much you can share with strangers.

Here's what we're asking from you:

No nudity. Don't show us your butts, your nipples, or your genitalia, and save those sexy photos of you in underwear for your favourite Connections. This applies to all genders. Also off-limits: strategically angled nudes, sex acts real or simulated, and sex toys. Shirtless, headless mirror-selfies are a thing of the past - so long, torsos. Basically any image that explicitly objectifies a part of your body and could be construed as pornographic we can no longer host. You can still show off that hot bod though - if you're sexy and in a public space (think a festival or at the beach), or the photos have clear artistic value, that's ok.

No violence or hate speech. Make love, not war and bigotry! Imagery of weapons is prohibited, as are any images or statements that are racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic or in any way offensive and discriminatory.

No photos of children. You may have kids, love your kids, and want other people to know what an enthusiastic parent you are, but you can mention this in your 'About'. We're a pioneering sex app for consenting adults, which makes us great for a lot of things but not the sharing of family photos.

Please note that failing to respect these guidelines may result in a temporary or permanent block from Feeld. 


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