You may be a little unsure about what kind of photos to add to your Feeld profile. 

Here's what the Feeld Community needs from you in order to stay safe:

  1. Show us your face. Not only are you much more likely to Connect if people can see who you are, but this is a shame-free environment. You don't have to hide what you're into: you don't have to hide, period. 
  2.  No genital nudity. You can post risqué photos to your profile if you wish, just save the full reveal for private messages or in-person encounters. Consent is key in both cases.
  3. No photos of children. You may have kids, love your kids, and want other people to know what an enthusiastic parent you are, but you can mention this in your 'About'. We're a pioneering sex app for consenting adults, which makes us great for a lot of things but not the sharing of family photos. 

Please note that failing to respect these guidelines may result in a temporary or permanent block from Feeld. 


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